Outdoor adventure education centre



Type Characteristic Price per person/night Notes
CAMPGROUND in own tents, water and sun showers available 2 EUR
YURT in own sleeping bags 60 EUR* *All building per night, 150 Eur – all weekend price. 15 persons max


Name Duration Approx price per person Notes
SCOUTORAMA 4 hrs 12 EUR Scout method based outdoor learning programme. Team building and communication skills are important part of this training. Optional modules: how to use sharp tools (knife, aw, saw) outdoors, archery, wild cooking, practical knots, bushcraft, water programme: rafts, health and safety in the water, Ecology in practise and much more.
SAILING 4 hrs 50 EUR Sailing practise, groups – up to 5 participants. Sailing with Optimists & Lasers
SCOUT HIKE 5 hrs 15 EUR Hike with scout leader. Challenging and team building tasks, navigation with map/compass, wild cooking and swamp survival training
WATER HIKE 5 hrs 25 EUR Water hike with scout leaders. Kayaks, inflatable and self made rafts, challenges and team building tasks
SCOUT CAMP 1 day* 30 EUR Scout camps with experienced scout leaders and volunteers, various optional outdoor educational modules. 1-3 days long programme.
SURVIVAL CAMP 3 days* 90 EUR Survival camp with intensive scout and bushcraft challenges, involving personal development and team buildings skills in various environments.
SCOUTS FOR NON-SCOUTS 7 days* 169 EUR 1 week of real scout camp experience and unforgettable outdoor adventure. From camping and kayaking to bushcraft and swamp survival skills.

* 1-3 days programme prices are with campsite rental, food for wild cooking, inventory for the programme.
* Participants have their own tents, sleeping bags and mat (inventory rental available on request).
* Programmes are adapted for group age, interests and needs.
* The organizer reserves the right to change programmes pricelist.

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