Outdoor adventure education centre

About centre

Skautų slėnis (Scout Valley) – Scout Adventure and Outdoor Education centre is established in 2014. This is a first scout centre and campsite in Lithuania.

Camp field have room for up to 200 campers. We do have some builings to host small courses or seminars and accommodate up to 20 quests with minimum requirements (matresses, sleeping bags).

We host scout, school and youth groups for outdoor adventure education programmes and various challenges in nature: hikes, survival and bushcraft programmes, camps, sprecific trainings: archery, bushcraft, sailing and rowing, wild camping. For scout and independant groups staying in a campsite, we provide tools, equipment and support if needed: cooking area, equipment and LPG, maps, camping tools. Skautų slėnis offers various programmmes for schools and youth groups at very competitive prices.

We do organize youth exchange Erasmus+ projects, work with European Volunteer Service and other volunteers, challenging environmental projects. We partnership with other scout centres and campsites through SCENES and GOOSE network.

Centre is a big supporter and organizer of local sea scout groups. We have Outdoor kindergarten working full time in Skautų slėnis.

Skautų slėnis accepts only pre-orders.

All inquiries about facility booking, camps and events must be
made to our main phone number or e-mail address:

+370 663 64451 / info@skautuslenis.lt

Address and contact information:

Rojaus Sodu 1, Sukiniai
20254 Ukmergės r.

+370 663 64451