Outdoor adventure education centre



Try and experience what scouts do for more than 100 years!

Book Scout valley practical and adventure programmes. This is basic things in nature, practical skills in land, water or air. How to use knife safely, put fire and cook your food. How to set a camp or prepare and go hiking? We invite you for new experience!

Choose from our programmes and we will adjust it by age group, experience and needs. All programmes are accompanied with experienced scout leader.


VWe invite you for adventure – summer camps. This is not only entertainment and holiday, but useful life skills and comfort zone enlargement.

We introduce our camps in 2019!


This is long term non-formal education programmes in local area (Ukmergė and Širvintos region).

We strongly support local Sea scout group. Join us – this is life experience and skills!


We support forest kindergarten in Ukmergė region. It’s active in Scout valley from 2015. Welcome!


Photos from Skautų slėnis - Scout valley's post

Smetoninės. Užsukite pabendrauti, pasidairyti, parsivežkite namo mūsų rankdarbių.

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Rytoj būsime Smetoninėse. Galėsite įsigyti dalyvių pagamintų rankdarbių ir taip paremti Ukmergės ligoninės vaikų ligų skyrių. Būk..

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Photos from Skautų slėnis - Scout valley's post

“Handmade” lessons for life. #erasmus+ #somethingpractical

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Youth exchange. One of the evenings near fire.

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Atostogos Kaime VI

Skautų Slėnio stovyklavietėje liepos 29- rugpjūčio 02 vykusi stovykla! čia sutalpinti 5 dienų nuotykiai džiaugsmai ir sunkumai ( : p.s…

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