Outdoor adventure education centre



Try and experience what scouts do for more than 100 years!

Book Scout valley practical and adventure programmes. This is basic things in nature, practical skills in land, water or air. How to use knife safely, put fire and cook your food. How to set a camp or prepare and go hiking? We invite you for new experience!

Choose from our programmes and we will adjust it by age group, experience and needs. All programmes are accompanied with experienced scout leader.


We invite you for adventure – summer camps. This is not only entertainment and holiday, but useful life skills and comfort zone enlargement.

Camps in 2017:
1 camp – 1-7 July 2017
2 camp – 9-15 July 2017

SURVIVOR CAMP      7-13 of August 2017
International survivor camp


This is long term non-formal education programmes in local area (Ukmergė region).


We strongly support local Sea scout group. Join us – this is life experience and skills!


We support forest kindergarten in Ukmergė region. It’s active in Scout valley from 2015. Welcome!


Per 4 dienas nuplaukta 130km: Vilnius-Jonava. Ačiū visiems dalyvavusiems Skautų slėnis International! Vėliau pasidalinsime Neries vandens..

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Paskutinė žygio valanda, smarkiai artėjame prie Jonavos. Šiek tiek vakarykščių akimirkų.

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Sutikome Šventosios upę savo kelyje ir sustojome nakčiai. Nuplauktas 31km, aplankytas Čiobiškio Keltas, Akademikų stovykla. Dar viena nuostabi..

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Neįtikėtina, bet per pietus aplankėme Akademikų stovyklą!!! Kaip smagu sutikti brolius ir seses krante ;)

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Čiobiškio Keltas aplankytas – keliaujam toliau

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